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Your donation will help Sparks Magazine continue to provide a platform for the Asian American community, uplift student voices and raise awareness of diverse issues. With your support, students will also develop strong leadership skills and gain valuable experience in media, journalism and advocacy.

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“For the past 10 years, Sparks Magazine’s mission has been to provide a platform for APIA students to develop their voice and identity. We’re thrilled to have been so well-received by the community over these years, and it lets us know representation truly matters. There is still work to do, and we can focus our efforts on strengthening our chapters and expanding our presence with your help.”

Jason Liu, Executive Director

Recurring Donations

Your recurring donations will provide impact for our organization by supporting the following:

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Opportunities for students to attend conferences (such as the Asian American Journalists Association)
Resources for professional and personal development
Our annual summit for chapters and members
The release of our semesterly print publications
Resources to produce high quality content
Amplifying the voices of young APIA creatives

The Sparks Impact

Take a look at some of our student experiences in Sparks

“I joined Sparks my sophomore year with no experience in writing but hoping for an opportunity where I would be able to. But Sparks had so much more to offer- not only did I get to polish my writing skills and publish my first article, but I also got introduced to opportunities where I gained invaluable experiences working with like-minded people who wanted to fight for APIA advocacy and increase APIA representation in media. I was also lucky enough this year to go to ECAASU through Sparks which was such an amazing learning experience as well.”

-Fariha Rafa, UCF

“I wanted to join an organization that could be a creative outlet for me as I navigated my way through my college career. However, Sparks has become a lot more to me than just that. Growing up, it was really difficult accepting my cultural identity, being one of the few Asian-Americans throughout my time in grade school. Sparks has provided me with a way to not only accept my cultural identity, but to celebrate it and be a part of telling stories of the APIA community. Especially during these unprecedented times, I want to continue to support the representation of our community and build on this organization so that it can impact others the same way it has done for me.”

-Stephanie Chang, UF

“To me, Sparks is about bringing current and important conversations within the AA community out to the forefront. As someone who enjoys making art and visual design, joining Sparks allows me to hone my creative skills while contributing to a cause that is both relevant and interesting to me. I hope that through my work I can engage our readers in our publication and bring attention to personal issues and experiences of Asian Pacific Islanders like myself.”

-Nicole Monalem, USF

Other Ways to Give

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