Dear reader,

I never wanted Sparks to be just another publication. I wanted it to be meaningful, something worth reading and something that wouldn’t let paper and ink go to waste.

Today, Sparks does so much more. Our stories give readers something to identify and relate with. As they flip through the magazine, they are reading about themselves – they see themselves represented and come to learn that they aren’t alone.

There is a true need for a publication like Sparks to educate and empower the Asian and Pacific Islander American community. We’re changing the way society sees a person of color because we can’t depend on the mainstream media to do that for us. We’re redefining our history on our own terms.

If you believe in our mission, we hope you’ll join us in our journey. Check out our application pages and fill out the one that feels right for you.

Together we can accomplish something bigger than we imagine.

Kevina Lee
Founder, Board Member and Executive Director

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