To celebrate the release of Issue 18, Sparks Magazine will be spotlighting staff members and their experiences working on the issue.  Make sure to check out the latest issue here.


What is your name and pronouns?
Rachalle Way and she/her.
What is your position in Sparks and how long have you been with the organization?
Designer and 2 semesters.
Which article did you work on for Issue 18?
Got Hot Pot?
What are you looking forward to most about Issue 18?
I’m looking forward to all the different spreads in Issue 18. We have some really talented designers who do such a good job at capturing the tone and theme of the article through their design. I love seeing each designer’s interpretation and use of the pages.
What does your article mean to you?
I love how my article is able to capture the importance of food within a culture and a family setting. Food has always been a way for my family to connect and get together. My first meal in Gainesville was hot pot with my family, so hot pot has a special place in my heart.