To celebrate the release of Issue 18, Sparks Magazine will be spotlighting staff members and their experiences working on the issue.  Make sure to check out the latest issue here.


What is your name and pronouns?
Paolo Agahan and he/him.
What is your position in Sparks and how long have you been with the organization?
Photographer and since Spring Semester 2020.
Which article did you work on for Issue 18?
A Love Language for Us
What are you looking forward to most about Issue 18?
I want people to look at my photographs and connect with the story that is implemented. I also want people to relate to each article in Issue 18 because we [Sparks Magazine], represent the community.
What does your article mean to you?
This article represents how food can bring us together. Even though we are very different from one another, we tend to become one when we are sharing food with our friends and family. It’s through this bond that we set aside our differences.