To celebrate the release of Issue 18, Sparks Magazine will be spotlighting staff members and their experiences working on the issue.  Make sure to check out the latest issue here.


What is your name and pronouns?
Isabella Billones and she/her.
What is your position in Sparks and how long have you been with the organization?
Photographer and since Fall Semester 2020.
Which article did you work on for Issue 18?
Animosity Within Cultures
What are you looking forward to most about Issue 18?
I look forward to finally having all the work that was poured into creating this issue be showcased— from the amazing graphics to the writing and photography! There were a lot of new faces in Sparks this semester and I am glad that we were all able to go from strangers to a legitimate team and even *cries* friends by the end of it.
What does your article mean to you?
While I was assigned as the photographer to “Animosity Within Culture” before I even knew what it would be about, I am grateful to have been a part of it because it outlines an experience that believe many people can connect with. It captures the struggle of finding your place within your own culture while maintaining your identity as an individual separate from cultural expectations. Despite having differences with those who share your culture, culture itself should act as a means to unify— to celebrate the unique individuals who embody it.