Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the main stakeholder of Sparks Magazine and provides advisory and financial support for the organization.

Heather Santiago

Vice Chair

Kevina Lee


Ricky Ly


National Board

The National Board works toward the overall vision of Sparks Magazine. Whether it be assisting a new chapter at a university or securing sponsorships to support current chapters, this group shapes the future of the organization.

Chelsey Gao

Development Director

Ingrid Wu

Marketing Director

Jason Liu

Executive Director

June Lee

Advocacy Director

Rikki Ocampos

Chapter Membership Director

National Board Team

Angie Tran

Digital Media Coordinator

Chris Tam

Web Developer

John Cortez

Online Contributor

Kim Hall

External Relations Coordinator

Liz Wang

Operations Coordinator

Mary Tablante

Online Editor

Minh-Tam Le

Online Coordinator

Monica Chen

Online Contributor

Wanly Chen

Online Contributor

Xue Wang

Operations Coordinator

Yen Le

Development Coordinator